Calling all East Cobb SNOBS- we know y’all love your subdivisions.  Neighborhood, block, hood, district, community or if you’re from Jersey “which exit?”.  Here in Georgia we fondly call our neighborhoods ‘subdivisions’.

East Cobb SNOBS want to know why you love your subdivision!! Is it home away from home, the family you never had, or the place where you can live in peace without nosy neighbors getting all up in your business?! But seriously, this contest we’re hosting is the easiest way to win a pretty spectacular prize.


Springfree Trampoline has teamed up with us to provide this grand prize. Winner takes home the Large Oval Springfree Trampoline,  FlexrStep, delivery and installation. Approximate retail value of the grand prize is $2,447! The grand prize will also consist of a party hosted by East Cobb Snobs in the winner’s neighborhood complete with a food truck and musical entertainment! Springfree Trampoline will attend the party with one or more trampolines.  Pretty snobberific.


Entering is super easy- submit your essay here telling us why you love where you live and you’ll be entered to win!


Forest Brook is representing!!
Check out this excerpt from a submission, “The day we moved into our home, one of our neighbors came by with their whole family to welcome us and gave us a loaf of the most moist and delicious chocolate bread.” And, “I have no doubt divine intervention was involved when we found our home and our neighborhood. Forest Brook Rules!”

We’ve also heard from another East Cobb staple: Misty Forest.  Here’s what they said, “The kids in our neighborhood roam from yard to yard and would love a safe trampoline to play on!”

Did you know in West Hampton, according to a contestant, they “have monthly wine nights at each others’ homes, breakfast with Santa, Easter egg hunt, Halloween trick or treating together, and so much more.” Sounds like a party neighborhood.  Side note: how many “Hampton” subdivisions are in East Cobb anyway?

Sibley Forest, New Bedford, Fox Hills and many more have submitted some very detailed, and might we add, convincing essays. You might want to forward this blog to anyone you know if they’re considering a move to East Cobb.

We’d love to hear from North Hampton, Princeton Lakes, Jackson’s Creek, and, hello, Chestnut Creek.  Y’all have enough kids to form an army of SNOBS.

Here’s the link again- take a quick minute to submit!

May the best subdivision win!!!!