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East Cobb SNOBS

We are glad you found our website and hope you will decide to join our SNOB-bery. East Cobb SNOBS are community members and business owners that have found a way to connect on Facebook. You might want to join the SNOBS Facebook Page if you are an East Cobb resident or a wannabe resident and want to get inside information and local deals.

The acronym stands for Social Network of Business Services, because it was formed as an alliance of local business owners in our area. But we are much more than a promotion website! We are residents of East Cobb. We know that we are blessed to live in one of the greatest areas in the state, with top rated public schools, beautiful parks, friendly churches and excellent locally owned businesses – so it is no wonder we are SNOBby! Because we are members of the neighborhood, we are committed to fostering a sense of community in our “unincorporated” town.

Organically, our Facebook page has become a go-to place for crowd-sourced recommendations (Can you help me find a piano teacher?) and information (Do you know when the Walton High School construction will be complete?) We also often feature charity events and non-profit fundraisers.

The idea is to help you get information the old fashioned way – from your neighbors. We just use modern tools like social media to make that happen. We also keep you in the loop about some of the best new businesses in town and, most importantly, we give you access to special promotions and deals for them!

If you would like to get access to specials, freebies and information, all you have to do is follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Or, if you have a business in East Cobb and would like to feature your events, freebies or promotions to the SNOBS Facebook Page, just email us for more information, eastcobbsnobsads@gmail.com.