SNOBS Love School! What you need to know before you go back in East Cobb.

The days of summer fun are trickling away and it’s time to get ready for a new school year. (I think we can hear a collective sigh from the kids and cheer from the parents!) The East Cobb SNOBS like to keep you in-the-know about happenings in our community. Here are the top four things you need to know before August 3, so you can start the school year off right:

  1. If you have not seen it yet, here is a link to the school calendar for the year. School ends a little bit later next summer but there’s an additional week break in February!
  2. Construction at Walton High School has been going non-stop for the past 2 months, meaning some East Cobb residents are hearing construction noises early in the morning and well into the evening. While school will still be in session come August 3, the construction will continue. They plan to begin building the new Academic building in September of this year. The projected completion date is July 2017. We think the inconvenience will pay off for our Walton students – here is a link to the plans.
  3. The Cobb County School District is proposing a new millage rate that will result in an increase in property taxes. If you are interested in the details, want to give input or ask questions, there will be a public hearing in the Boardroom at 514 Glover Street, July 22, 2015 at 8:30am.
  4. Speaking of taxes, Georgia’s Back to School Tax Holiday is just around the corner! On July 31 and August 1, retailers are allowed to waive sales tax on clothing and footwear ($100 or less,) computers and software, and school supplies. We hope you will check out some of our local businesses for great deals on Back-to-School items! Follow our Facebook feed for deals.

We know this is an exciting time for kids, families and even the amazing teachers in our community; we wish you all a happy and productive school year!