The Craft Beer Movement in Marietta


Driving past a strip mall these days you may have seen a sign ‘Growlers Sold Here’ and wondered what’s that? Welcome to the craft beer movement! But craft brewing wasn’t always so commonplace.  Twenty years ago if someone offered you a taste of his or her “home concoction” you probably would have regretted it. But today, that’s no longer true, the average home brewer is much more sophisticated and it’s not because of the latest “equipment”, but more because of the age of information. Websites and social media platforms aimed at craft brewing are growing and half the fun is trying different styles.


This is where Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing, located off of Whitlock off the Square (next to Chicken and the Egg), has come to meet the challenge. They carry a wide variety of rare beers you don’t find at many restaurants in East Cobb and Atlanta. Thomas Monti, who started Schoolhouse two years ago, has created a place where “Education Meets Recess”. Trying new beers from the wall of tapped local and or less well-known drafts is made easier by colors. Each color on the “Beer Legend Board” represent a beer style. And there two ways to try a beer either get a flight (East Cobb SNOBS Tip: Get $1.00 off when you check-in on Facebook), which is four different samples of beer to drink while wandering the Schoolhouse or to enjoy later buy taking home a “growler”. A “growler” is a 22oz beer bottle of freshly drawn beer, sealed with a plastic wrap for easy and legal transport. This is a great way to share new beers with friends.


Once you have learned a few styles of craft beer you are ready to dive into beer making! And Schoolhouse has the goods. Whether you are starting out with a small or large budget you can get set up for about $115 in equipment, which includes a jug, tubing, etc. Beer making recipes and ingredient kits (which Schoolhouse measures and crafts in house) start at $35. You can buy a book about beer making, watch videos, attend a free beer club class or if you like one on one, Schoolhouse even has In House Brew Lab. This is a great way to get started and let someone else do the lifting: supplying the ingredients and equipment while assisting you with all the steps. Part two is coming in to bottle!


If you are looking for a friendly relaxed atmosphere with a heart for teaching the good culture of beer (Monti not only used to be Marietta schoolteacher but is now an actual Professor of Beer at KSU) try Schoolhouse Beer and Brewery. And say hello to Ben the shop dog! He gives a friendly wag to all the customers and likes to pose on Instagram, next to the latest rare beer shipments.


This Christmas and for the holidays, Schoolhouse has plenty of gifts for the beer lover in your life. Let the staff help you pick out a mixed six-pack or better yet try their “Beer of Month Club” where the staff picks out monthly 6 packs and receives a growler from the wall, your beer lover will thank you! Also in stock is great range of home brewing supplies and gift certificates. To learn more about Schoolhouse check out their website. If you have a home brewing beer friend in another state, Schoolhouse has an online shop and delivers to all the states!


800 Whitlock Ave Suite 137
Marietta, GA 30064