If you are looking for a way to let your kids to burn some energy while school is out – we have the perfect spot! XDrenaline has made a new obstacle course, kind of like one of America’s favorite TV shows, but designed specifically for kids. Here are some of the awesome obstacles on the Ninja XD Course:

1. Warped Wall – This wall is 10 feet tall, and not everyone can make it up! On the other side… a fire pole to slide down. Be sure you’re not afraid of heights!
2. Rock Wall and Tire Climbing Ramp – Teaching your children patience and coordination is the name of the game on this obstacle. To keep the kids safe without the need for a harness, the “climbing” is actually horizontal, so the kids stay just a few feet off the ground. After the rock wall, your kids will tackle a more rubbery task with a two-tiered ramp covered with tires.
3. Neon Slide – And for the finale, the course finishes up with a neon-lit slide that cascades into a foam pit!

We love that the prices are reasonable for this activity. Here is the price list:

$6 – 2 runs
$8 – 3 runs
$10 -4 runs

After that, it’s just $2 – for each additional climb.

We think this is a great way to help your kids stay active the Holiday Season, but the course is not for everyone. It does require some level of athletic ability, bravery and height. If a child is unable to make it to the top after 3 attempts on the Warped Wall, they will not be able to move forward on the course, but they will be able to climb one of XDrenaline’s awesome Rock Walls instead. There are plenty of other activities if the Ninja Wall is not for your kids, check out the XDrenaline website for more!