Welcome back to East Cobb!  So many college students are returning from Fall semester from across the country. Read this article written by one of our former East Cobb residents.

She’s a young resident, so some of y’all older folk may have some other reasons to add. In fact, when we shared this article on Facebook a month ago, many of y’all chimed in to tell us many ways you remember East Cobb, back in the day.

Here are 6 more reasons you know you grew up in East Cobb.

1. Super Target used to be a Big Star.  Sounds like a country song.

2. Trader Joes shopping center ‘The Pine Straw Place’ was actually a pine straw place.  Remember all those wooden holiday cut-outs!

3.  LA Fitness was Harris Teeter.

4.  Sparkles- how many people went to a birthday party there? (Can you say side-pony and knee socks?)

5.  Seed was the library

6.  Johnson Ferry was a DIRT ROAD!?? Which part was that?

Thanks for sharing your article with us, Lulu.  We all enjoyed our trip down a dusty dirt road called Johnson Ferry.