Update: Those interested in Cobb County’s proposed trash changes are encouraged to attend the September 13, 2022 9am Cobb County Meeting at 100 Cherokee Street to express your concerns. To date, 3 of the 5 the Cobb County Commissioners have publicly commented that they will support tabling the proposal.

Many East Cobbers think the county’s new proposal to change trash pick-up really stinks. After a public meeting on August 31, commissioners now say they could table the new proposal. While many residents have been unhappy with the current system, the new amendment got some big pushback. 

Commissioners were considering an amendment that would assign specific waste companies to pick-up residential trash by region, instead of allowing residents and/or homeowner’s associations to choose their company. 

Commissioners are trying to fix problems that have arisen in the current system. Some residents in hard to reach locations have had trouble finding a hauler. Other residents have reported missed pickups. And, some residents just do not like that there are multiple trash haulers driving through neighborhoods all week. 

But this new proposal is not proving to be a popular one. It would divide the county into four different zones. Each zone would have an assigned trash hauling company. Opponents say that this system would likely lead to a monopoly. And that it would raise taxes. Many of the opponents to this amendment are happy with their current trash hauler. Some haulers provide premium services that they like, including bringing the trash can to the road for some elderly residents. 

Many of the small businesses that pick up trash in Cobb County are also against the new amendment. Partially because they are nervous about who the county will choose. And also the smaller companies were concerned about the wording regarding recycling, which it seemed would be required to provide.

On September 9th, a meeting was held with Cobb County and the trash haulers. The Save My Cobb Trash Collector Website commented with this update:

“A meeting was held with some of the haulers this morning and Cobb County. The haulers came with some suggestions with potential improvements. Cobb County did not present a database of complaints to help the haulers have a clear view into the various kinds of complaints. But overall it was a positive meeting. Hopefully the county will allow time for effective solutions to be put in place and will be transparent about any new fees. That’s why you need to show up Tuesday Sep 13 and let them know you don’t want any rubbish dumped into our codes.

After the meeting on August 31, the commission says they will still bring the amendment to a vote at 9am on September 13, in the commission room at 100 Cherokee St. But they also say that it will likely be tossed into the garbage can. Now, the county says they are committed to working with the current haulers on solutions that will be good for everyone involved.