Have you heard about Springfree Trampoline in East Cobb? It just opened and we are so excited! Trampolines are an amazing way to exercise and they are a blast for kids and adults. Jumping on a trampoline is great for the human body. It has a low impact on your joints and muscles while easily increasing your heart rate. NASA astronauts are instructed to jump after they get back from space because it helps re-build their bone density.

As much fun and healthy as trampolines can be – doctors usually warn that they are a cause of injury to kids in the US. BUT, leave it up to a concerned father and mechanical engineer to invent a trampoline that is safe for kids. First of all Springfree trampolines don’t have springs! Check out the ingenious design thatSpringfree Girl makes entire structure like a spring. The net is expertly designed to prevent falls. There are also add-ons, like a basketball hoop and a tablet holder and app with interactive jumping games called tgoma.

We told y’all about Springfree’s Day of Play hosted by us, East Cobb SNOBS! We had a blast. So many kids experienced tgoma and would not get off the trampolines! Seriously, one adorable 9 year old girl jumped for about 4 hours, with *small* breaks for pizza and juice boxes.

So many people showed up to find out about tgoma, Springfree’s new gaming system for the trampolines. If you couldn’t make it last Saturday, stop by The Avenue any time to try out the trampolines and tgoma for yourself! You really must experience the difference.

One of our SNOBS moms had a chance to try out a Springfree trampoline and she says that she “cannot say enough about the quality of the product” mentioning the coated metal frame to withstand the elements, the lack of squeaky springs and the strong netting that can even prevent an adult fall. One of her favorite parts is the tgoma, the app you download to your tablet that senses movement and makes jumping a part of a video game. She says, “I love that my kids ‘screen time’ is now ‘active time’ as well. It’s going to be a bouncing kind of summer!”

Springfree is spreading across the country and they just opened their East Cobb location at the Avenue East Cobb May 6th. The Grand Opening event was May 21st! To find out more, visit their website or contact them at (470) 242-7099 or eastcobb@springfree.com.

Springfree StoreThe Avenue East Cobb

4475 Roswell Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
United States