Saturday after Thanksgiving is officially “Small Business Saturday” here in East Cobb. This year, we hope you will consider shopping locally. National corporations are already slashing prices for Black Friday, but you can also find lots of great buys at the local businesses in town. We hope you will join other East Cobbers in patronizing locally owned businesses, retail stores, and restaurants to support our amazing community. Here are our favorite five reasons we think it’s great to shop local:

Keep your money in East Cobb. 

Your money goes back into our local economy, creating jobs and supporting entrepreneurs. It is a great way to keep East Cobb a wonderful place to live.

Small Businesses have suffered because of COVID. 

This year has been a tough one for many local businesses. They have had to cut hours, shrink staffing and make adjustments to survive the COVID-19 crisis. Choosing to make purchases at small businesses is a great way to help them rebound. 

Great customer service. 

Local businesses can provide a personal touch that big corporations just cannot. You can truly shop, eat, relax where someone knows your name.

Local Community Support. 

Many of the businesses in our area are great at giving back to local community organizations and schools. So, not only are you reinvesting in local businesses, but the community as a whole. 

Environmentally friendly. 

Shopping locally means you can cut down on long drives to the mall. And on the carbon costs of  shipping something directly to your home.

Support East Cobb Business!

The holiday shopping season is a great time of year to show some love to the amazing businesses in our area. Here is a link to the East Cobb SNOBS business directory, so you can see some of the many local businesses that are operating here. Also, you can follow the East Cobb SNOBS Facebook page for great deals at many of our partnering local businesses. Support East Cobb business on Small Business Saturday!