Johnny’s Pizza may have had its origins in the state of New York but when one of the founding owners learned that people in more pleasant climates had a thing for pizza too, he packed up the business and moved to Georgia in the 1970’s. In 1994, the owners began franchising, and in 2003, East Cobb got a kiss from the Pizza gods.


The East Cobb SNOBS are proud of our neighbors and friendly business owners at Johnny’s Pizza on Lower Roswell Road, Steven and Bianca Hansell. They have 2 kids – Austin (14) and Ashley (11). They love living in the “tight-knit community” of East Cobb.

Johnnys Pizza Couple

If you and your family are newcomers to the area, they suggest a visit to our beloved East Cobb Park. They also have this tip to share with East Cobb Newbies: the secret trick for maneuvering East Cobb traffic is to know your way through the neighborhoods so you can find a short cut!


They also think you should get on social media networks in East Cobb (hint, hint!) Of course, they hope you will come eat at Johnny’s so they can get to know you. The Hansells are great at greeting new guests. They fondly remember their first customer, Steve Hurst, when they opened in 2003. They say they instantly loved him and are thankful for his suggestion to add a fryer to their kitchen equipment – they still serve tons of hot wings to complement their excellent pizza.



The Hansells say they think any occasion is a good one for a visit to Johnny’s, just come in “when it’s time to eat!” When it comes to pizza toppings, there is one they cannot do without: the pepperoni. Of course, if they were able to banish a topping it would be the one we all love to hate – the anchovy.


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